Breville’s Scraper Mixer Pro™ — It’s built for baking.

Scraper Beater’s flexible edge scrapes the sides & bottom of the Stainless Steel Bowl clean. Pouring Shield minimizes spattering when mixing and adding ingredients. Smooth sounding 550 watt motor features load sensing Motor Protection Sensors that detect heavy mixtures and maintain precision speed.

BEM800XL Know Your Machine

A. Tilt-Release Button.B. LED Speed Indicator.
C. 12 Speed Control Dial.D. Internal Cord Storage.
E. LCD screen with Timer.F. Lift Assist Handles.
G. Load Sensing Technology - automatically senses the load and adjusts the power to maintain the selected speed.
H. Attachment Shaft.I. 2-Piece Pouring Shield.
J. 5 Quart Stainless Steel Bowl.K. Bowl Locking Recess.
Scraper beater for creaming butter and sugar, mixing sticky ingredients or folding whipped egg whites into mixtures:
- Frosting, icing, gum paste
- Cheesecakes
- Compound Butters
-Pie Fillings
-Creaming mascarpone cheese, cream cheese and sour cream
- Sticky cake and cookie batters
Flat Beater for normal to heavy mixtures:
- Pie pastry
- Biscuits
- Quick breads
- Mashed potatoes
- Meat loaf
- Heavy cake and cookie batters
Wire Whip for incorporating air into mixtures:
- Eggs
- Egg whites
- Heavy cream
- Certain candies
- Angel food cakes
- Chiffon cakes
- Meringues
- Sauces and dressings
Dough Hook for mixing and kneading yeast doughs:
- Breads
- Rolls
- Pizza
- Pasta
- Focaccia
- Yeast-raised coffee cakes

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