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Smart Oven® Display Codes

The Smart Oven® Display codes.

The Smart Oven® will show different codes on the LCD screen depending on the issue that is currently being registered by the oven.
These are indicators that the oven is sensing an issue but are not necessarily errors that will mean much to the average consumer.

Codes E01, E02, and E05 are internal errors that will need to be rectified by Breville or one of it’s Authorized Service Centers.

Code E03 – The oven is registering that the internal temperature has risen above it’s preset limits. Unplug the oven and let it sit for at least 15 minutes before plugging the oven back into the outlet.

Code E04 – The room temperature is below the set minimum. It is important to remember that the oven is not a sealed unit, it’s made to be able to vent steam and air from the interior so the room temperature will greatly effect the operation of your oven. If the air is too cold, it will not allow the oven to heat thoroughly or efficiently so there is a minimum ambient air temperature that the oven must be in to ensure proper operation. The oven will need to be moved to a warmer room to operate properly.

If the oven displays one of the internal codes; E01, E02, or E05, or the code does not reset, please contact us for assistance.

The LCD screen on the Smart Oven® has become unreadable.

There can be two causes for this; either a lack of power to the oven or the screen, itself, has gone out.
The first thing we need to check is that all of the other functions of the oven are working correctly.
Unplug the oven then plug it back in, was there a loud beep when the oven was plugged back into the wall?
Did the Start/Cancel button light up when the oven was plugged back in?
If none of these occurred, please try a different outlet for the oven and see if it then gives any of the above responses.

Please contact us to further troubleshoot this and to find out what else we can do to assist.
This can be done by contacting our support team for further assistance.

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